American Deli Menu Prices 2020 – Examine This..

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Crazy About Wings? We’re Too And Have Been Since 1989! Since our very first store opened at South Dekalb Mall in Atlanta, Georgia, it has been our mission to welcome every guest as part of the family and serve them the kind of food we’d be proud to get on our own kitchen table.

And like any big family some of our stores are a little unique, maybe even downright quirky but we pride ourselves on serving great food and constantly striving to make each visit for our guests better than the last. So, come join us at our table. The fryers are bubbling, and also the grill is hot n’ ready for whatever your taste buds are craving. Because when you come to american deli specials, you’re family.

“American Deli® is excited to launch its digital ordering and customer engagement platform, as well as in Incentivio, we know we found a partner that may enable a comprehensive digital engagement technique for us,” said Gus Lee, Marketing Coordinator at American Deli International, Inc. “Through the initial planning stages, we realized we needed technology that could fit well with the current makeup of our own restaurants while being flexible enough to support further development. To accomplish this, we selected Incentivio based on syocin answers to support ordering, loyalty, marketing automation coupled with comprehensive analytics, and personalization in just one platform,” he added.

“We are extremely pleased to power American Deli®’s digital strategy & initiatives. Hugely exciting for people and we are looking towards improve their brand across mobile and web through several touchpoints – ordering, loyalty, promotions, personalization and more,” said Rajat Bhakhri CEO of Incentivio, Inc.

About American Deli. American Deli International, Inc. is really a franchisor of quick-service restaurants featuring chicken wings, philly cheese steaks, along with other freshly prepared, grilled or fried items. American Deli®’s journey began in 1989 with its first restaurant in Atlanta, GA. Today, American Deli has over 150 locations. Approximately 95 percent of American Deli®’s restaurants are independently owned and operated.

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